miércoles, julio 13, 2005

Post # 200

Es como un we didn´t start the fire. autobiográfico.
Pero sin la rima.
Y sin la onda.

Boeing, 30 years, cigars, drinks, and Michael Moore
Mozart, Webster, daddy score, humidor.

Archenemies, emoticons, end of Friends, Bernard Shaw.
Douglas Adams, Ed Gorey, Harvey Keitel, Paul Auster.

Andy Kauffmann, Tony Clifton, Seinfeld, Television.
Flor, Alphonse, selfishness, morning porn.

Jehovah´s Witness, virtue, Little sis,
Kenny Rogers, mimes, blogger´s problems, haloscan.

Letters, orange pants, nephew,
LIFE the game, car, police, obi wan.

Holidays, star trek, alligators, glasses,
Fish and chips, ugly town, ruins and Uruguay.

Cosmo girl, Kevin Smith, romans, pomposity,
X-files, Poe, dead, smoke, honesty.

Aspirin, youth, beermaking, malt,
hand saw, morning work, leila and the persian rice.

Dinner, bad girl, wine and molotov cocktail,
Monster inc, Bogart, party, soy, delivery.

Mud fight, swedish girls, football referee again
Tinman, Oz, books, cds, curry, wok.

Limo, tv show, poison, next blog,
Goodbye, farewell, “I love you” return.

Train, Fern, date, cell phone
Hairdresser, Tom Sharpe, Hospital.

Tabaré, Bush, Synne, beach, weekend,
Mike, flying dog, Batman, and Chejov.

Abba, Jazz, turkish slave, undercover blog,
Beatles, Gema, Mails, Jacques Tati´s filmography.

Richie Strauss Santa Claus Plane ticket, golf,
hitman, gay pride, lolita, Nabokov.

Alplax, B.A. family, shopping,
police, xmas, jet lag, sleplessness.

New year, babysitting, Sofi, sales,
Greenway, Kusturica, Ámsterdam ´s mary jane.

Blues, rock n roll, heartattack, ski week,
Pothead, che guevara, cold, lobster bisque.

Casino, pizza, F1, Bond, thai cuisine,
break off, horses, lost car, St Patrick´s day.

Ku kux klan, ellis, tom, bassman juan,
Coffe break, tango, fall in love, Lebanon.

Ooopsss, flashback, Madrid, brickwall,
Waterloo, Dry Martini, Pino, Albertina, Proust.

Birthday, mother, aunt,
gifts, Episode one,
Marc, lladró, Fritz Lang,
Toto, Skorpions, Supertramp.

Marina, birth control,
cat fight, Malgrat,
San Juan , Civil Guard.

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